Thursday, May 22, 2008

Fly Fishing In Montana

Fly Fishing In Montana
When i moved to Montana and started fishing here,I discovered that the sport of fly fishing has many rewards,as it is'nt the easiest way to catch fish.

I have found streams that you can fish on all day and never see another person.It is a great place to raise a family,as there are many lakes,and rivers full of trout .The lake in the photo is one of my favorites.It is full of brook trout,which grow to around 10 inches in this lake.

The stream below this lake holds Brook trout and Cut throat trout,which I catch and release to get the population up.

I also fish the Clark Fork river for Bass and Pike.I am holding a stringer with a 5 lb.pike and a couple of bass in my photo.Fly fishing is fun in many ways as you can tie your own flies,which is fun especially when you catch fish on them.

Not alot of competion in the back country,very relaxing,take your float tube out on the water kick back and drift with the wind.Take the family picknicing,and teach some one how to fish as I did with the children.

When it comes to fishing in Montana, what do you think of? Beautiful mountains, amazing scenery, wide open species, and great trout fishing, right? Well, that's about right, and in some parts of Montana, a bear attack is never out of the question as well. You know, just to keep your adrenaline pumping.

Montana is well known for all outdoor activities, including hunting, hiking, and skiing, but the great state of Montana is probably best known for fishing.

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